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The Croatian EU Council Presidency Conference on Better Future of Healthy Ageing 2020 (BFHA 2020) will be held online from June 3rd to 5th due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation.

BFHA2020 is organized by the University of Zagreb School of Medicine in cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia, under the auspices of the European Commission as part of the Croatian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

The Conference will be organized with the contribution of all Croatian medical schools including University of Rijeka Faculty of Medicine, University of Split School of Medicine and Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek Faculty of Medicine, as well as other faculties of the University of Zagreb - the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Faculty of Economics and Business and Faculty of Croatian Studies.

Organizational support is provided by the Ministry of Health, Ministry for Demography, Family, Youth and Social Policy and the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Republic of Croatia.

The overall mission of the Conference is to stimulate research, implementation and scaling up innovations to manage health and wellbeing of the ageing population. BFHA 2020 is a scientific conference that will enable discussion on transformation of health and care services into more digitilized, long-term, integrated and personalized care models while promoting innovative ecosystems in order to deliver a better quality of life among the elderly.

In line with this mission, the Conference is to address growing demand caused by the global trends of population ageing and the expansion of chronic diseases by focusing on potentials large-scale implementation of innovations to foster functional ability and wellbeing of older people. The objectives of the Conference are as follows:

  1. to address issues of ageing of biological systems through the topics of regenerative medicine, neuroscience, clinical medicine and other fields of medicine with the emphasis on personalized and integrated medicine;
  2. to showcase the impact of smart technologies for age-friendly ecosystems by providing a discussion on scaling-up innovations and solutions for age-friendly environments
  3. to analyse the issues of ageing and healthcare system sustainability at various levels (e.g. institutional, regional, state, EU level).
The Conference will address the main topic across the three objectives thorugh different dialogue and exchange formats including: key notes, plenary discussions panels, thematic sessions and poster presentations. During the Conference, the participants will have a special section within the programme after each session for discussions and summary conclusions that will be transferred into the Recommendations. The Recommendations will be developed into the final Conference outcome – the Policy Paper which will be drafted after the Conference. The aim of this working paper is to develop forward-looking valuation pathways and impact approaches and dimensions of ageing research for transformative, mission-oriented research and innovation agendas, which can be taken up in the formulation of ageing services. The Conference and its outputs, including the Policy Paper are aimed at stakeholders, policymakers, scientific community and healthcare providers.

The Conference will broaden the narrow focus on scientific impact measurement of ageing and healthcare system sustainability research, towards the aforementioned impact dimensions to to which the BFHA 2020 Conference can make a fair contribution.

We are very proud that BFHA2020 will take at Andrija Štampar School of Public Health as Dr. Andrija Štampar its founder was internationally recognized renowned leader in the field of social medicine and public health, known worldwide as one of the founders of the World Health Organization, as well as one of the authors of its constitution and the definition of health and a chair of the First Health Assembly in 1948.

We look forward to seeing you in Zagreb in June 2020!