Poster Awards

Categories, criteria and selection process

During E-conference Better Future of Healthy Ageing 2020 (BFHA 2020) poster awards will be awarded in two categories, Best BFHA 2020 e-poster and Best BFHA 2020 student e-poster award.

Poster Awards Jury will consist of 15 members of the BFHA 2020's Organizing Committee:

  1. Ana Borovečki – president of the Poster Awards Jury
  2. Tea Vukušić Rukavina
  3. Lana Škrgatić
  4. Goran Sedmak
  5. Branko Kolarić
  6. Zrinka Bukvić Mokos
  7. Irena Martinović Klarić
  8. Dinko Mitrečić
  9. Dagmar Radin
  10. Iskra Aleksandra Nola
  11. Marjeta Majer
  12. Milan Milošević
  13. Slavica Sović
  14. Danko Relić
  15. Pero Hrabač

Members of the Poster Awards Jury will select three best e-posters, one from each of the main BFHA 2020 e-conference themes:

Theme A Ageing of Biological Systems
Theme B Smart Technologies for Age Friendly Ecosystems
Theme C Ageing and Health System Sustainability
and one best e-poster from the Student section.

All e-posters accepted and presented at BFHA 2020 e-conference will be evaluated by a Poster Awards Jury. The Jury will evaluate not just the scientific basis of the research but also innovative and compelling ways of presenting it in digital output. Therefore, the BFHA 2020 Best e-Poster Awards and Best BFHA 2020 student e-poster award, will be given to the posters which have the clearest and most innovative digital presentation, as well as a strong science background. The posters will be evaluated in terms of:
  • quality of the research in terms of theoretical and methodological aspects
  • the originality of the work presented
  • the added value of the research in terms of “closing a gap” in knowledge
  • message and main points,
  • and overall impression.

Best BFHA 2020 e-poster and Best BFHA 2020 student e-poster categories will be announced and presented through the official web site and social media sites of the BFHA 2020 conference. Participants are invited to like and comment posters using social media, but the final decision regarding rewards will be decided by Poster awards jury panel.

E-poster Awards will be announced at the end of the second day of the e-conference, on June 4th 2020, at 18.30 CET. Awards will be given (sent by mail) to the first author of the e-poster.