Attendance guidelines


As a participant you'll be able to access the live stream. You'll also be able ask questions at any time during a section, using the Q&A function. Our team will select questions which will be presented to the speakers during the discussion at the end of every session block.

You can download the program of the conference so you can find your session more easily as well as a PDF tutorial.
Below you can find 3 links for accessing the online conference, one for each day.

You can access the live stream every day as early as 11:45, fifteen minutes before the program starts.

After you follow the links, you'll need to register with your Name, Surname, City, Country and Affiliation.
Please take care to use your actual name so our team can identify you.

The platform we use is WebX. You can view the visual guide for the user interface of WebX.

Links for joining the conference*:

First day, June 3rd - Theme: Ageing of Biological Systems:
Password: Zagreb

Second day, June 4th - Theme B: Smart Technologies for Age Friendly Ecosystems:
Password: Zagreb

Third day, June 5th - Theme C: Ageing and Health System Sustainability:
Password: Zagreb

*Members of the Croatian Medical Chamber and Croatian Nursing Council have to attend all 3 days to receive points

For further instructions and possible technical issues consult the following links:

Connect to Audio and Video in Cisco Webex Meetings:

Switch Between Video Layouts in Cisco Webex Meetings and Cisco Webex Events: